How can I contact the Global Ambassadors?

  • You can send us an email to embajadoresglobales@udd.cl or send us a message to our social media (Instagram, Facebook).

What kind of activities do you do during the semester?

  • Since we’ve had a little experience we’re constantly changing our variety of activities so that you can enjoy new and different things to do. In previous semesters we’ve had activities like: Flea Markets, Tours in Santiago, Volleyball matches and many others. If you have ideas, contact us and we’ll gladly take it into consideration!

If I didn’t apply for the BUDDY Program when it started, can I apply now?

  • If you didn’t sign up for the BUDDY Program from the beginning of this semester, it’s possible for you to apply NOW by contacting us via email or meet in person with the Leader of the Program at the International Relations Office (DRI) at UDD (RESB).

Where can I find someone to talk to and ask about the Global Ambassadors Program?

  • Our Leader is available to solve your doubts and receive feedback, so we invite you to meet with them at the International Relations Office (DRI) or contacting them to their personal email:

Get to know our Ambassadors here.

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