BUDDY Program

The BUDDY Program is part of the Global Ambassadors Program, and consist on giving advice and help exchange students who are in need for support before their arrival and until the end of the semester. If you have doubts about how the chilean culture works, what places to visit, need some details about our lifestyle in Santiago, or any other question like this, your BUDDY will gladly be there to help answer those questions.

To sign up to this program you only have send an email to us: embajadoresglobales@udd.cl or simply just fill up the following form






The Program starts before your arrival, so you can get the support from your BUDDY in the peak of your planning process. Afterwards, it keeps on working for the rest of the semester, hoping that you and your BUDDY keep in contact and that you get as much information as you need about any important topics during your stay.

“My buddy was really nice and she helped me a lot. It was pretty helpful to have someone to ask questions.”

Exchange Student at UDD, Year 2017

Get to know our Ambassadors by clicking here, and maybe answer some questions by going to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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